The MultiBackground WordPress plugin is a WordPress wrapper for the FREE jQuery plugin: MultiBackground

The plugin requires a minimum WordPress version of 3.5, but the jQuery part has it’s own requirements and compatibility characteristics, so check them out as well!

Be sure to open the examples into different browsers and versions prior to purchase and contact me through the contact form on my profile in here if you stumble upon any bugs or difficulties, I’ll be more than happy to help you out 🙂

Plugin features

  • Can be used with Visual Composer out-of-the-box!
  • Friendly backend interface (you literally don’t need to write a single line of code).
  • Really easy-to-use API (if you do want to write code).
  • Supports multiple background elements with multiple background layers each.
  • Each layer can be of different type and is configured separately.
  • Shortcode and editor button for easy use in content.
  • Section for automagical integration into any part of your site.
  • Layer types which respond to browser interaction (such as scrolling) for stunning parallax effects.
  • Fairly wide browser/device (including mobile) support.
  • Any MultiBackground element can also be used as a slideshow slider.
  • GPU accelerated animations with jQuery fallback on old browsers.
  • Various layer types, such as:
    • Solid color
    • Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal or Radial gradient
    • Image
    • Pattern
    • HTML5 video
    • YouTube video
    • Vimeo video
    • iFrame content
    • Google maps

Purchase package

After purchasing the package you will receive:

  • The latest WordPress version of the plugin in a separate .zip file, compatible and ready to install into any WordPress 3.5+ installation.
  • Premium support for the next 6 months (from the date of your purchase).
  • Lifetime access to updates and improvements without any additional payment!
  • An extensive documentation covering plugin installation, configuration and usage.
  • An exclusive access to future releases of more examples and even video tutorials!

Now what?

If you are ready, go check the examples and see, first hand, what the plugin has to offer, or simply hit the purchase button right now!